Mission Statement

We create technologies that accelerate learning to catch up, keep up and stand out. We enable success!

Our Focus

Keep the LEARNER at the center and in control so they can learn proactively, learn independently, learn with others, and learn daily.

Provide the EMPLOYER visibility of the breadth and depth of learner’s experience.

We provide extraordinary value and operate with creativity, agility, integrity, candor and transparency.


City Lights series. Artistic abstraction composed of technological fractal textures on the subject of science technology design and imagination

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Below we have some videos to help clarify your perspective on daily life long learning. We want to be the tool that provides you what you need based upon your unique perspective.

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Life Long Learning – If you must learn daily and need a tool to support those needs of learning proactively, learning with and from others and learning at the speed of change. Watch this video

Catch Up – If you are either new to your career OR changing careers and find that you need a tool to help you catch up by helping me narrow down where to get started and identify the most accurate and up to date information for learning. Watch this video.

Keep Up – If you have been in your career for some time and the pace of change is ever increasing and you could use a tool that helps you to connect with experts with identical and complementary skills and knowledge. You also would like to spend less time searching for accurate and up to date information and more time finding it.

Stand Out – You are either an expert looking to better establish my visibility in your organization or industry OR You are a professional looking to land that next promotion or new role and need to demonstrate your competency. You might also like to establish new streams of income curating content and leading groups to perform better.